Website Templates for School Departments


We are proud to announce the launch of two new and affordable website templates for school departments. This is a website that you own and you can take with you when you move school. All the resources are also all your own… not the schools. Background As Head of Department, I remember it being a…

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HTTP or HTTPS? What on earth is the difference?


Before trying to answer the question we should perhaps differentiate between http and https. Http stands for hypertext transfer protocol. It is the protocol used for transferring data from the web to a browser when viewing web pages. When using http, data is not encrypted when it’s transferred. This means that third parties can easily…

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Changing Your WordPress Password


Last week we looked at how you could change your WordPress username.  As promised we will look at how to change your WordPress password this week. Believe it or not changing your password is easier than changing your username! To change your password your need to login to your WordPress site and on the left hand panel you…

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Changing Your WordPress Username


When you first set up your WordPress site the default administrative username is admin. This can make your site much more vulnerable to hacking since the first username that an automated “bot” will try is admin. To change the username of your WordPress site simply follow these steps …

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Search Engine Optimisation


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential if you want to get your site ranked highly in major search engines such as Google and Bing. Are you happy with where your website is appearing in search engine results? If not, there a few things which you can do…

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Resizing Images for your Website


If you optimise your web images you will have a faster loading website, which is better for your viewers as well as for SEO (search engine optimisation) purposes; the longer the site takes to load the lower your sites ranking will be in search results. There are lots of ways to optimize a web page…

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Installing multiple copies of WordPress on Linux Mint 18


While WordPress has multisite capabilities there might be occasions where you want multiple WordPress sites on your computer. This might be when you’re creating sites for multiple clients but each will be hosted separately, maybe with clients having their own hosting providers.

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CPanel Data Collation Error with WordPress


Panic! You have your WordPress site ready to upload from your localhost to your host provider. Your WordPress folders have transferred successfully but when you try to upload your database into your hosts CPanel you get the dreaded collation error…..

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