Changing Your WordPress Username


Changing Your WordPress Username

username-wordpressWhen you first set up your site the default administrative WordPress username is admin.  This can make your site much more vulnerable to hacking since the first username that an automated “bot” will try is admin.  Keeping the username as admin means the bot only has to work out your password in order to gain access to your site.  For security reasons alone it is a good idea to change your username to something more obscure.

To change your username of your WordPress site simply follow the steps below.


Login to WordPress

Login into your WordPress control panel and on the left choose Users >> Add New


Create New Username

Create your new username but please note the following:

  • When entering your email it needs to be different from the one which was originally used.
  • When creating your new username WordPress will automatically generate a new password for you.  If you do create your make sure that it is a secure/strong password; if you want help creating a strong password try using passwordgenerator or Norton’s password generator. Either way do jot down or copy the new password. I have just used the one created by WordPress (as shown in screenshot below).
  • Finally, ensure that you select the role as Administrator in the drop-down list.




Testing Username

Having created a new administrative user you need to check that it works as expected.  Log out of WordPress and then log back in using your new administrator username and password.  Having checked the new username works you can delete the old username.

Delete Old Username

To delete old username go to Users >> All Users and then click Delete.



Congratulations you now have a new administrator set up for your WordPress account.

In the next post we will look at how to change your WordPress password.

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