This is a good question. The truth is that we cannot readily tell you how much a website will cost upfront because everyone has different requirements. 

If you are just starting out and you want a small website to support your small-medium business we can provide a rough breakdown of where the cost of web development lies. However, remember this is still a very broad request so expect some very general prices and very general scenarios. Prices could be higher or lower.

Once you speak to your web developer, they will work with you, listen to your needs and offer expert suggestions and recommendations that will bring benefits to you, your business and your customers. Everyone has different needs so please be aware that recommendations for one client's website will be very different to recommendations given for another website project, so that is where the final cost can fluctuate quite dramatically.




1 page site or blog

Thorough testing of your site prior to launch

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Domain name* (annual cost)

Web hosting** via Hostgator (annual cost)




5 page site

Thorough testing of your site prior to launch

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Domain name* (annual cost)

Web hosting** via Hostgator (annual cost)




Monthly WordPress updates to ensure security

Content management (i.e. adding and updating content in your site) 





Full or half days

How to edit and maintain your own WordPress site

*Domain Name

The domain name is the link you see in the address bar of your web browser. You will have to purchase your domain name. Website addresses that end typically cost approximately £10 per year.


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the simple activity of ensuring your website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering. In many respects it is simply quality control for websites.

**Website hosting

Affordable web hosting for smaller websites costs between £5 and £15 per month and will typically be done on a shared server, meaning that lots of other websites will be housed under the same roof.

You can find cheaper (or even free) hosting, but this can attract spammers and people who are up to no good, which is bad news for legitimate websites sharing the same resources. This means your site can run more slowly, suffer regular bouts of unnecessary down-time, risk being hacked and can get penalised, or even banned, by Google, simply by being physically hosted on the same server.

It is better to pay that little bit extra to put your website in a nicer neighbourhood and save yourself the trouble of a bad reputation by association. Website hosting = £75 per year.


This is something that is overlooked very often, maybe because clients believe that a web developer already has photos on hand. Sometimes we do, but that's most likely because we purchased photos for our own projects. Some of the options include:

> Using your own photographs, assuming the quality is good.

> Paying for a photographer.

> Using stock photography (from somewhere like iStockphoto) which comes in at around £5 - £15 per photo, depending on image quality.

For banners, you will need higher resolutions to allow for cropping and manipulation. Assuming that you want at least one high quality photo in your banner and another on each of your main landing pages (excluding the time taken to find suitable images and any editing, touch-ups, cropping and resizing costs), you are probably looking in the region of £50 for photos for a 5 page website.


Once a website is made it will need to be tested thoroughly to ensure that it works in all major operating systems and web browsers, and functions as effectively on mobile and touch screens as it does on desktop. Due to the nature of WordPress this should not take too long.

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